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And I am flawed

...but I am cleaning up so well

Karrol <33
13 October
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//K a r r O l//

the girl; karrol ane; 16; sophomore at OPHS; distance runner; violinist; short; brown eyes; brown hair; fair skin; 3/4 irish; libra; d0rk; sarcastic; easily amused; perky; clutz; bad driver; always smiling; princess; chocolate addicted; just your normal teenage girl.

adores;Being held. Being loved. Her pink flip flops. Her friends. Rain. Writing. French Fries. Weekends. Pink. Real happiness. Tortilla chips. Velvet pink PJ pants. Candy. A Perfect Circle. "Three Libras." Summer. Kisses in the rain. People. Hoodies. Teddy Bears. Sparkly things. Skittles. Bubbles. Sleep. Cuddling. Warmness. SNL. Holidays. Mountain Dew. Days off. Music. Feather pens. Socks. Webdesign. Lipgloss. Violin. Shopping. Movies. Powerpuff Girls. WWE. Moulin Rouge. Blue's Clues. Bubble baths. Talking on the phone. Strawberry Shortcake. Dr. Pepper. Spongebob. Hugs. Water. Care Bears. Flowers. Surveys. Chocolate. Herbal Essences. Strawberry ice cream. Plaid. Blankets. Sugar. Sweet Home Alabama. Bop-it. Candy Necklaces. Nail polish. M&Ms. Swimming.

despises;Feeling alone. Cold. Coffee. Being sad. Having her nose touched. Suckbraska. Being sick. Empty pop cans. Overly dramatic people. Hypocrites. Close minded people. Being short. Users. Pop-ups. Having her ears touched. Being scared. Pain. Being sad. Getting hurt. Her nose. Liars. Snotty people. Little kids. Pennies. Younger siblings. Onions. Techno. Homework. Stalkers. Broken hearts. Loss. Backstabbers. Perverts. Fire. Alcohol. Smoking. Being bored. Being a clutz. Asthma. Star-less nights. Stereotypes. Rude people. Egos. Arrogance. Cheaters. Players. Fighting.